is derived from D'vorah, a Hebrew word meaning

Pastel sketches and hand built sculpture in red earthenware

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Collaborative artists project

Great meeting at today for ‘Face to Face’ project. Really interesting presentation ideas from the various artists taking part. See above post featuring some of my early ideas in progress

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New Images

Really delighted with the new website images photographed by Mike Swartz (

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Wabi Sabi-

The concept of wabi sabi- the Japanese concept of finding joy and beauty in imperfection and simplicity-has long been one of the prime inspirations for my work as well as my personal philosophy on life. In my work I endeavour to show the rough irregularities,cracks, marks and crevices left behind by weatheringand use. My latest […]

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New work.

Working on some new ideas, continuing to be inspired by decay, rusting, weathering caused by coastal elements but also looking at objects such as boats, harbour industrial elements (winches, mooring posts, fishing gear etc). Change of clay to earthenware with lots of added grog and experimenting with surface techniques.

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Inspirational images

No shortage of inspirational images to capture around St Ives’ harbour

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